LAKSHMANAS Terms and Conditions for members of ‘Lakshmanas’

1) Monitoring of health records and suggestions will be given to the members. ‘Lakshmanas’ is based on ‘Family doctor’ concept which is important as the patients will be followed right from their young age and common problems in their families will be known.

2) Members can get suggestions through post, e -mail, clinical examination or telephone. For clinical examination if needed and advised you should get a previous appointment. You can visit nearby Lakshmanas satellite centers and get examined. If an opinion is needed and if personal examination is needed the member will be asked to visit any one Doctor in the nearby place. Based on the examination findings suggestions will be given.

3) The membership will be valid for the current year only. At the end of the current year, your membership will be automatically terminated irrespective of the date of joining. Every year your membership should be renewed by paying charges for maintaining your records for next one year. Permission or restriction for membership is at the discretion of the administrators. Also, the number of members will be restricted to a number that can be managed.

4) A diet and treatment record should be maintained which will help you to trace the causes of few symptoms, which may be caused by food and other consumed items.

5) If you take medicines from outside inform us so that it can be recorded in your medical record. If any drug is capable of causing severe adverse effects we can advise you to change the drug.

6) Members should strictly follow the terms and conditions and realize that the suggestions and advices are given with good intention. If you indulge in any kind of behavior not acceptable to the administration your membership will be terminated and your balance advance for suggestions will be refunded after deducting some amount for the services utilized. The registration charges for the creation, updating and maintenance of the records will not be refunded. Mutual trust is an important factor. If there is no trust or it the code of conduct is violated the membership will be terminated and the member will not permitted to continue as a member for the next year.

7) The number of members are restricted to a manageable level and places accessible to us. When the number of members exceeds a manageable level, more membership will not be allowed.

8) Specialist suggestions will be obtained if needed. If any specialist suggestions are needed the charges for the expert suggestions will be collected as extra after getting consent from the member. If we need to call you by phone the phone charges will be deducted from the advance.

9) Suggestion regarding immunization- Suggestions will be given regarding vaccination of the children and adults. Only suggestions will be given regarding the necessity of vaccines, its indications and adverse effects. We will give the details of positive and negative aspects of each vaccine. The patients has to decide on his own whether to give the vaccine or not. For any disease there is a risk for anyone to contract the disease. Unnecessary vaccines will not be suggested or administered at the Lakshmanas for the members..Other vaccines will be suggested only when indicated. For example for splenectomised patients we will advice pneumococcal vaccine and H. influenza vaccine. Vaccines for the diseases which the administrators feel that are not dangerous, easily treatable or not common in that area will not be suggested. Also the vaccines which are prone to cause chronic disorders like asthma, diabetes, brain damage, convulsions will not be suggested by us. If the members insist to get vaccinated, they can get vaccinated at other hospitals or clinics. Our centers or consultants are not responsible for any immunization related problems. All humans are prone to get infections. Nobody can be free of infections. Sickness is a part of human life. If you are not willing to take the risk, kindly avoid out centers. Any abnormal signs or symptoms noted after any drug or vaccine may be reported to us so that we can observe if similar features had occurred.

10) If you are not satisfied with the services you can close your membership at any time. The remaining ‘advance for suggestions’ will be refunded after deduction of the consultation and other incidental charges. The registration fees which includes the charges for the recording, updating and maintenance of the records will not be refunded. Your medical records are used only for reference and will not be handed over to you when your membership is terminated.

11) ‘Lakshmanas suggestions‘ are based on common sense and the experience of our team, and is not based on evidence, studies and documents. Our suggestions cannot be challenged in the court of law as we only share our experience and discuss the positive and negatives aspects of medical problems and treatment. The suggestions are not final and the patients and members are advised to get a opinion from concerned specialists. Our suggestions will be provided only for those who accept to these conditions. In case of any dispute the legal matters are to be settled under Coimbatore jurisdiction only.