Lakshmanas Health Services Concepts

Based on the experience of Lakshmanas, it has devised and follows standard principles for its functionality. This concept includes an integrated approach to handle patients. Monitoring the health, Treatment, Drug intake, Diet habits are taken into account and provide suggestions to the patients. However, the patients have to decide whether to undergo the process or not. The following are important areas based on which Lakshmanas standard principles for its functionality have been devised.

  1. Autism: Autism was believed to be caused by MMR (Measles, mumps and Rubella) vaccine and later it was said that it was not proved. As the cause said to be not known it is better to avoid unnecessary drugs or other offending agents. In our patients especially among children we have not come across any child with autism. But the incidence of Autism is on the rise among children. It is important to find out the cause and avoid it. Until the cause is known avoiding all suspected agents is better.
  2. Resistance To Antibiotics: Use of higher degree of antibiotics for treating infections at the initial stage results in development of antibiotic resistance. Hence, if the treatment fails, the patient becomes resistant to all antibiotics. A medical professional argued that whatever best that is available in the market is given to his patients. This wrong attitude will predispose to development of resistance to newer antibiotics also. The use of higher degree of antibiotics for treating infections at the initial stage results in development of antibiotic resistance. Hence if the treatment fails the patient becomes resistant to all the antibiotics.
  3. Wrong Attitude: Patients expect and want immediate cure. If the patient is not cured immediately the Doctor is stamped as inefficient. This is the factor which forces doctors to prescribe higher antibiotics, multiple drugs, use of steroids and predisposes to unnecessary prescriptions.
  4. Steps To Prevent Spread Of Cancer Cells: In one of our patients we did not advice biopsy, when cancer (malignancy) was suspected. We advised to the removal the involved part. The chance of complete cure was more. If the part was incised, the malignant cells would have been spilled out and carried in the blood stream to other parts predisposing to secondaries. Later even if the cancer mass was removed they would have spread and developed secondaries and the prognosis would have been bad. We had come across many patients who got complete cure. At the same time this can be considered as a mistake by consumer protection council. Hence only a suggestion will be given regarding the options for the treatment. There is a small risk of the removed part showing a nonmalignant condition. The patients have to decide on their own and we are not responsible for the outcome.
  5. Wrong Food Habits: Wrong food habits are resulting in many disorders and even deaths in some cases. This incidence is on the rise among children. We give the advice regarding problems associated with various food practices.
  6. Contraindications To Drugs: Many drugs are contraindicated when the patient is suffering from certain disorders. Long term monitoring will be helpful in avoiding of prescribing those drugs to them. For instance aminoglycosides are contraindicated in renal failure when the blood urea, creatinine are elevated. Beta blockers are contraindicated in diabetics as they will mask the symptoms of hypoglycemia. May drugs are contraindicated when the liver function tests are abnormal.
  7. Observer Variation: When more than one doctor is monitoring the health problems of observer, variation can be avoided. A point missed by one doctor can be found out by other.
  8. Early Referral To Appropriate Higher Centers: When there is a health problem, the patients are wandering to many health centers. They land up in inappropriate treatment centers at many times. It is better to go to correct centers which are best for that condition. We aim to guide them to correct centers where appropriate facilities are available.
  9. Early Intervention: A female patient who is a known case of cardiac disorders developed chest pain with sweating in the morning after her son went to his office. When she informed this to her son he told that he will come back by evening and take her to a doctor. The mother was waiting with a hope that her son will come and save her The son came by evening and took her to a doctor and got some injections. ECG was not taken to suspect angina or myocardial ischemia. Later she died within few hours. The chest pain with sweating was a symptom of insufficient blood supply to the heart. She should have been taken to a cardiologist immediately. But for about ten hours she was not attended by anyone and later attended by a general doctor who had not given a correct guidance but also provided a false assurance. This incidence hurt us a lot and was an initiative to start this programme. Just guidance in the morning would have saved a life.
  10. Food Records: Many lives were lost due to wrong food habits. Recently we heard of a student who ate a commercial food product developed abnormal clinical symptoms and took self-medication. Within minutes he died. Many dangerous ingredients are added to the commercial food products and results in even death. But these incidences are not brought to the notice of the public. Even when it is brought to the notice, the parents or students ignore them. Recently few famous actors in Tamil Nadu lost their children due to wrong food habits. But nobody had learnt any lessons from those incidences. Many lives were lost due to wrong food habits. But nobody had learnt any lessons from those incidences.
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