Concept of Lakshmanas

Lakshmanas is run with the concept of Family care System which has the foundation of personalized care. Under this concept, the care is given forentire family, from child to aged person, throughout their life. In the process of Family care System, the interaction takes place with the members closely and such a personalized care empowers the members. Being stakeholders of their own health, they can take of themselves through informed decisions. This makes the members to have more confidence in the care.

The reason for adoption of this concept lies in many factors such as the aim of Lakshmanas to provide compassionating care, its philanthropic ideals, academic depth and practical expertise in the field of medicine and related fields.

The suggestions are provided based on discussion by a team which includes medical practitioners and others from India and abroad. The people involved in the discussion include general physicians, orthopedic specialists, pediatricians, obstetricians, gynecologists, dermatologists, general surgeons, plastic surgeons and so on.It also involves biochemists, microbiologists and pathologists for providing inputs in their respective fields. A group of people from various fields including medicine, engineering, law,agriculture will give their inputs for occupational and lifestyle diseases. The input also takes in to account of the experience of common man.

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