Lakshmanas Care & Advisory

The following services are available to the members of Lakshmanas:

  1. 'Lakshmanas' Care: The Lakshmanas care provides advice to take informed health related decisions to its members. It gives facts on health condition of members, available treatments, risks involved in the process and advantages of the recommended process.
  2. 'Lakshmanas' Counseling: The Counseling service will be provided to the needy members or (and) the personal care givers of the member, medically as well as psychologically.
  3. Diet monitoring and advices: Proper diet pattern will be suggested based on the diet needs of the members. The monitoring will be done based on the diet cards given to the members.
  4. Health education: The success of the prevention and management of various disorders lies with the cooperation and informed decisions of the members. Hence, the members are suitably educated to cooperate with the treatment process. Following the advice given by Lakshmanas is essential for the timely relief and cure from the disease.
  5. Cancer screening: Most of the cancers can be prevented / cured if diagnosed early. Periodic and frequent screening will be helpful for the prevention and cure of cancer. Everyone, irrespective of their age should get screened at least once in a year, especially; those above thirty years should get screened at the interval mentioned above. Lakshmanas care provides cancer screening facility for its members.
  6. General checkup: At least once in a year, the general checkup of full body is advised by Lakshmanas. After thirty years of age, it is better to have two general checkups a year. For women, it is better to screen for carcinoma breast and carcinoma cervix. Checkup for hypertension and diabetes is also needed.
  7. Referral services: Lakshmanas refers the members for appropriate higher centers to get an effective treatment monitoring and progress of treatment, if needed. Unnecessary wandering and expenses can be avoided due to the referral service of Lakshmanas. This will also help to avoid lapse of time and delay in diagnosis and treatment.
  8. Advisories regarding immunization: Advisory will be given in connection with immunization for children, adolescents, pregnant women and adults. Only advisory will be given regarding the necessity of vaccines, its indications, contraindications and adverse effects. The parents or care takers have to decide on their own, whether to give the vaccine or not after considering our suggestions. They have to take second opinion in this regard.
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