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Lakshmanashas Academy, under it academic wing, which trainsthe medical studentsin multi-structured question patterns which include tests in the form of question and answers, fill in the blanks, multiple choice questions etc. Question banks will be provided in each subject which will be useful for the students to prepare for their theory examinations.

Access will be given to a minimum of ten thousand points in the form of information points, question and answers, fill in the blanks, multiple choice questions and etc. To get access to the Lakshmanas Academy, nominal administrative charge of Rs. 1000/- will have to be paid. Students can appear for the tests by paying this administrative charge in advance. Once administrative charge is paid, auser ID and pass word will be provided to get access. This administrative charge is valid for a period of Six months of 40 appearances whichever closes earlier. Thesystem will allow a candidate 40 times to the tests either for differenttests orfor same testmultiple times. Once a student enters for a test, the system will count it as an entry. So candidates are advised toattend all the questions in each appearance. Once six months are over, the access will get closed for those who need access have to pay the administrative charges again.

Lakshmanas Books: Those who need books released by Lakshmanas can pay an advance of Rs. 1000/- and get books like Viva in cardiology, signs in medicine, Mnemonics in medicine and pediatrics etc. Some of the books are readily available and some are on the print. Further, the entry to Lakshmanas academy is restricted, since the ability of the system is limited. Further for the purpose of maintaining quality only limited strength is permitted. Kindly provide proper identity, since the knowledge of medical field cannot be shared with non medical people. For more detailed information and to know other activities of Lakshmanas,kindly visit the website home page of

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ACCOUNT NO: 510101006389789
IFSC: CORP0000170

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